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Vital offers cost-effective turnkey operations for electronic assemblies to the highest quality and workmanship standards covering engineering, procurement, assembling, testing and final assembly.

It brings to the fore specialized Electronic Sub – Contracting Services for PCB Assemblies covering all volumes from small to large to meet surging customer demands of quality and timely deliveries. At the leading edge of technology, it represents synthesis of latest design, development, production & test facilities and a skilled work force.

Vital has earned and kept its customer’s trust over the years by providing Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing services from prototype to volume production.

Vital has served various types of Industries successfully for past 21 years. Among them some of important industries served by Vital are :

Spread over
15,000 sq. ft.

Temprature Controlled

ESD Protection

State of art technology

Dedicated, Qualified, trained & motivated skilled labour

Proximity to international airports & seaport

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